Coming Soon

Dean Webs fourth coming Pre-desiged website's made easy for you to choose the right image for your business.

Our ranges will be as follows:


A general design with no more than 5 pages including minimal graphics.


A much more flexible and attractive design with flowing curves, creative graphics and a maximum of 10 pages.


Gold will be Dean Webs 'A la Carte'. These will be our most creative and stunning designs. Attention to detail with multiple pages, links and graphics with a maximum of 20 pages. All our designs can have additional pages at a small fee.

Please be patient while we work through creating these designs for you and if you would like to find out more about our work, or would like to discuss creating your own design or maintaining your current web site, please feel free to contact us.

Web Design & Features

Web Design Overview

In today's world image is essential and a well maintained web site will certainly help your business. It is important to keep your web site up to date regarding your products and services; and most importantly keep your clients clearly informed about your business.

Web Site Re-Design

If you already have a web site in place but it has been left unmanaged for some time, or if it generally needs a face lift then we can help. Many people have web sites designed for them, published to a web server but the client can then often be left to their own devices without any future changes. Dean Webs will be with you every step of the way. We are easily contact-able via office telephone, mobile telephone, e-mail and online form enquiries.

Website Maintenance

If you do not have the web skills to maintain your web site, Dean Webs will always assist you. We consider our after sales support of the highest standard. Maintaining your web site should always be relatively simple and not involve a complete re structural re-design. Many common changes are simply price changes, new services or products, and news articles etc.

Search Engine optimization

Other website designers do not cater for 'search engine optimization'. This is crucial for any web site. When someone is browsing 'Google' or 'Yahoo' and perform a search for your company name or your products or services, you would expect your web site to be listed in the search results. Its no good having a flash website if no one ever gets to see it. You may be losing valuable visitors and and valuable profit

Domain Name Transfer

As above, if you already have a web site in place that is dormant and you have paid for a domain name for it to reside then Dean Webs can organise for the domain name and web site data to be transferred to us so that we can fully maintain your web site and remove all the pressure from you.

Our Designs

We know how difficult it is to find the right look and design to suit you or your business. This is why we will be creating a range of designs for you to choose from. These of course will be fully customiseable if you wish. If you have your own idea or design then this is always welcome. We like a challenge and creating Be-Spoke designs are always welcome.

Web Design contact information

We offer friendly advice and are here to help. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us. Click here to contact us.