E-Mail Options

There are various ways you can access your E-Mails. The most common is 'Outlook Express' which is part of Windows XP. 'Windows Mail', which is part of Microsoft Vista, 'Outlook', which is part of Microsoft Office or you can simply access your E-Mail via Internet Explorer which can be done on any PC in the world with an internet connection which is known as 'Web Mail'.

E-Mail Services

When you register your domain name via Dean Webs you can then sign up for your own e-mail addresses. You may have as many as you like. For example, If your domain name is mywebsite.co.uk, you can have as many e-mail addresses associated with it as you like.





Many companies offer e-mail addresses but do not cater for the elimination of Junk Mail commonly known as Spam.

All your e-mail addresses will be created as a standard e-mail address but they can be easily updated to an advanced e-mail address. This will give Dean Webs full control over the amount of Junk Mail you receive. We can block bad e-mail addresses to stop individual organisations e-mailing you but most importantly stop the most common Junk Mail that millions of people receive world wide every day.

Whether you have a Broadband or Telephone Dial-up connection, we can create your e-mails, set them up for you on your computer using outlook express, outlook or web mail all via the telephone.

E-Mail Services

If you already have an existing e-mail with another Internet Provider we can still use this address on your web site for contact purposes such as an online form.