Types of Domain

There are different types of domains available. The most common are .com, .co.uk and .org.uk.

Everybody who owns a domain name must register it on the renewal date. .com domains need renewing every year, .co.uk and .org.uk need renewing every two years.

If you let Dean Webs register the domain for you or if you sign up to our hosting package we will ensure your domain is renewed on the renewal date.

Domain Registration

Your new web site will require a web address. For example, Dean Web's website is held at www.deanwebs.co.uk. This is called a domain name. If you have a domain name in mind then let us know. We can check to see if it is already used by another company. For example: mywebsite.co.uk, mywebsite.com, mywebsite.org.uk.

When you have your own domain name registered via Dean Webs with your web site attached you will be able to make full benefit of our e-mail service. Click here for information regarding E-Mail Services.

Domain Name already registered?

Remember, if you have an existing domain name already registered with another company, we can transfer the domain to Dean Webs. If you wish to keep your domain name this is a not a problem, we can still design your web site for you.